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Why You Must Switch From Sugar To Jaggery?

Why You Must Switch From Sugar To Jaggery?

If you ask why to switch from Sugar to Jaggery, the reasons are many. The question lies in how much you know about them. When we speak of sweeteners, the first thing that comes to your mind is refined white sugar. But, today’s health conscious world is coming up with new and better alternatives with the rising percentage of ailments and diseases related to sugar. The other alternative for sugar that is jaggery, is gaining significant attention from around the world. Both sugar and jaggery are produced from sugarcane; however, the processing is quite different. Hence many are thinking of switching from sugar to jaggery.

Here is a list of Nutritional values of jaggery.

    Jaggery consists of 40-60% sucrose, 30-40% water, and 20-25% of inverted sugar.

100gms of jaggery comprises of the following:

    27 mg sodium
    358 calories
    0.22% calcium
    85 gm carbohydrates
    453 mg potassium

Comparatively, the health benefit of jaggery is much higher than that of just sugar.

Losing weight

Anyone who is trying to lose weight should have a restricted sugar diet as it is considered the contributor to unexplained weight gain. Studies say that it is challenging to quit sugar once you are used to having it in your daily beverages and meals. 90% of the people who go on diets or are trying to lose weight are suggested cutting down on sugar and shifting to a healthy alternative such as coconut sugar, honey, or jaggery. While jaggery or honey is supported widely by weight-loss professionals, it shall be a misconception to assume that they are the best sugar replacements. For un-moderated and uninformed consumption of sugar can lead to a hurdle in your plan of weight loss. Hence make sure that you are making the right choice.
Helps in healing bronchitis and asthma

Thanks to the body temperature-regulating properties and anti-allergic properties of jaggery, it helps prevent several respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma, and more respiratory diseases. Therefore, experts suggest that people living with respiratory problems must use jaggery rather than sugar as their sweetener daily.

Loaded with healthy minerals

Jaggery is full of many crucial minerals and antioxidants like potassium, zinc, and selenium. The combination of these minerals and antioxidants improves our body’s infection resistance capacity and prevents free radical damage.

Enhances metabolism

Jaggery also helps in keeping a check on the human body’s water retention capacity and helps in losing weight. The high level of potassium present in jaggery helps enhance metabolism and aids in losing weight fast. This is because, unlike sugar, it helps in balancing the electrolyte.

Enhances the power of digestion

Jaggery often helps in enhancing digestion by stimulating the secretion of the digestive enzymes present in the stomach. The daily intake of jaggery accelerates the digestive procedure, regulates bowel movement, and prevents many digestion related issues such as wind, intestinal worms, or constipation. The high levels of magnesium also aid in strengthening your intestine.

Regulates the menstrual cycle

Taking jaggery during your menstrual cycle is quite a common practice in the rural areas of India. The reason behind it is pure science. Jaggery is significantly iron, which boosts and regulates the blood level during menstruation. However, that is not all. You are taking jaggery aids in keeping annoying menstrual issues such as excessive mood swings, stomach pain, and more. Taking jaggery helps release the happy hormones, which are endorphins, and aids in relaxing the body during menstrual cycles.

Good body cleanser

Jaggery is an inexpensive and good body purifier for individuals working in extremely polluted areas such as dingy and small workshops or factories. Jaggery aids in cleaning the several body parts such as the respiratory lungs, tracts, intestines and stomach.

Ease of cooking and use of jaggery

Jaggery is very easy to cook. Often people crush it or use jaggery powder. It dissolves quicker than sugar and gives out an earthy or nutty tinge to its taste and texture. Jaggery is often used in baked goodies, Pongal recipes, palm wine, dairy products, confectioneries, sweets, and alcoholic drinks. Jaggery can as well be chopped and diluted in certain syrups, ice creams, or custards. It can be used in various recipes if you buy the excellent quality and know how much to use. To get the best health benefits and quality of jaggery, it is essential to buy it from the right place. You can go ahead and check out the official website of to select from the finely processed and produced jaggery varieties!

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