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Bebe, the name symbolises motherly love and nourishment our planet provides. So goes our name, Bebe Foods.

As a business, we are primarily solving malnutrition by making jaggery available to all & helping marginal farmers.

We zeroed down on the fertile doabs of Muzzafarnagar in UP, famous for its GI-tagged Jaggery.With its fertile soil nourished by the mineral-rich Ganga, this sugar bowl of India is the perfect belt to procure sugarcane.
Apt to say - Jitna accha ganna utna accha Gud.

Right from the beginning, we had a holistic approach to supporting our marginal farmers with livelihood benefits.
Our experimentations with sugarcane processing were extensive.
We extracted cane juice with one single cold press to conserve its precious nutrients.
We relied on traditional biofuels (bagasse-powered furnaces), used natural clarifying agents(Sukhlai).
The objective was to keep the nutritional integrity of sugarcane intact. Vitamin B12, B6, folate, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, and manganese - none of these essentials should be lost.

Ancient Indian Texts endorse jaggery for its medicinal values.
It smoothens food digestion, detoxifies the liver, and relieves constipation
Our forefathers from every corner of the Indian subcontinent have added it to their dishesfrom Puran Poli to Payasam, Til laddoo to til-sakri,Goldhana in West to Pithas in Orissa,Chakkara Pongal to Ariselu down south.
Jaggery sustains its omnipresence in traditional Indian recipes.

Jaggery is known as Panela in Central America.
It is known as Rapadura in Brazil and as Raspadura in Cuba & Panama.
In our country, it is known by many names like Gud, Sarkara, Shakkar, Bella, Vellam, Karupatti, and Meetha.

Off late, our dependencies have shifted to sweeteners that are farther from nature, processed and chemically bathed with enhancers.
If sweetener is closer to nature,it is better for our well-being. Over-modified sweeteners beat that purpose altogether.
That is why we brought Jaggery in.

At Bebe, we can only educate and serve.
Would it not be a good idea to add jaggery instead of sugar to your breakfast cereal?
Would it not be a perfect sweetener to use in your chocolate cake?
We are trying our level best to make this adoption easier for you.
We have mobilised big jaggery chunks into small, easy-to-use organic jaggery powder, sachets, and packets. In such a simplified form, it is as easy to add jaggery to your milk as it is to add refined sugar.

Jaggery is indeed a good alternative. Its benefits are not limited to culinary bliss it has medicinal benefits too.
It is high time for us to make informed choices. We know you resonate with this ideology too.
Let’s embrace the inherent sweetness of mother nature with Bebe Jaggery


Viney Kumar Bana
Bebe Foods

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Abhijeet Verma

Abhijeet Verma
Co Founder,
Bebe Foods

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Customer’s Say

See why Customers love our Bebe Foods

I am using Jaggery since my childhood and trust me it is far better than refined white sugar in terms of taste and health benefits. Unfortunately, I don’t live nearby any village anymore so I order jaggery online, however I was not sure whether I will get the same taste and quality again. But, thanks to Bebe Foods for delivering such hygienic and good quality jaggery to a health freak like me.

Aishwarya Gosain

I used to struggle with finding a good quality Jaggery in my area, so I thought why not try packaged jaggery this time. Delivery by was super fast and the jaggery was the yummiest I have ever had. The best part is that it comes in sachets as well and its small size really helps in carrying my favorite jaggery to my office everyday. Thanks to Bebe’s online delivery service and Bebe’s tasty Jaggery products.

Ishan Chaudhary

Nicely packed and delivered on time by Big Basket. We have started using as a sweetener on a daily basis in our family. Thank God my kids love it. I read about the benefits of jaggery online and really wanted to switch to natural sweetener. Thanks to Bebe Jaggery. It is hygienic and is available in powdered form as well. Thank God my friend recommended Bebe Jaggery to me.

Jyoti Shaw