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About Us

About Us

Bebe, the name symbolizes motherly love and the nourishment our planet provides. Thus, our name is Bebe Foods.

As a business, we primarily address malnutrition by making jaggery accessible to everyone and supporting marginal farmers. We have chosen the fertile doabs of Muzzafarnagar in UP, renowned for its GI-tagged jaggery. With its fertile soil enriched by the mineral-rich Ganga, this sugar bowl of India is the ideal region to procure sugarcane. It's apt to say, 'The better the sugarcane, the better the jaggery.'

From the beginning, we adopted a holistic approach to support our marginal farmers with livelihood benefits. Our experiments with sugarcane processing were extensive. We extracted cane juice with a single cold press to preserve its precious nutrients. We relied on traditional biofuels (bagasse-powered furnaces) and used natural clarifying agents (Sukhlai). The goal was to maintain the nutritional integrity of sugarcane, ensuring that essential nutrients such as vitamin B12, B6, folate, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, and manganese are preserved.

Jaggery is known as Panela in Central America, Rapadura in Brazil, and Raspadura in Cuba & Panama. In our country, it goes by many names, such as Gud, Sarkara, Shakkar, Bella, Vellam, Karupatti, and Meetha. Ancient Indian texts endorse jaggery for its medicinal value. It aids in digestion, detoxifies the liver, and relieves constipation. Our ancestors from every corner of the Indian subcontinent have incorporated it into their dishes—from Puran Poli to Payasam, Til Laddoo to Til-Sakri, Goldhana in the West to Pithas in Orissa, Chakkara Pongal to Ariselu down south. Jaggery still maintains its omnipresence in traditional Indian recipes.

Of late, our dependence has shifted to sweeteners that are farther from nature, processed, and chemically enhanced. However, a sweetener closer to nature is better for our well-being. Over-modified sweeteners defeat that purpose entirely. Isn't replacing refined sugar with jaggery as your daily sweetener a great idea? Would it not be the perfect sweetener for your chocolate cake? Bebe Foods is doing its utmost to facilitate this adoption. We have transformed large jaggery chunks into small, easy-to-use jaggery powder, sachets, and packets. In such a simplified form, adding jaggery to your milk or other recipes is as easy as adding refined sugar.

Jaggery is indeed a good alternative. Its benefits extend beyond culinary delight; it also has medicinal benefits. It is high time that we collectively make informed choices. We know you resonate with this ideology too.

Let's embrace the inherent sweetness of mother nature with Bebe Jaggery.