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Is Jaggery Baking Friendly?

Is Jaggery Baking Friendly?

Our evolving lifestyle is strongly demanding to change the way we consume food or our entire diet style. We often tend to intake some of the elements that are not good for our health. With the increasing amount of health diseases and ailments, health professionals are always making us cautious about such ingredients, and one of them is sugar. Today’s diet style for a large percentage of the health-conscious crowd decreases the number of calories and sugar consumed through our food. This piece will focus on jaggery as the more healthy, beneficial, and healthy ingredient in baking, replacing sugar or sweetener. Sugar does a lot to baked goodies, and it is easy to bring the taste precisely as you want. But the health conscious modern world is finding the use of healthier substitutes replacing sugar can get a lot more health benefits to people, especially the generation of baby boomers. Sugar is as well used for caramelization, which is a reaction of non enzymatic browning.

Back to the traditional ways of health wellness

Jaggery, often popular as ‘Gur’, is made out of unrefined sugar and is obtained by concentrated boiling raw sugar cane juice till it is solidified. Although jaggery is as well made from date palm and coconut sap, the one that is made out of sugar cane is the one most prominently used in today’s time. Jaggery is significantly used in baking, and its use is constantly being increased and embraced. Not only is jaggery is healthier than white sugar that adds empty calories to your body; however, it also comes with a wide range of health advantages. From improving digestion, regularizing hormones to detoxifying the body, jaggery can provide you with a wide range of health-related benefits!

Some of the other benefits of jaggery include the following:

    Provides the body with a high number of antioxidants.
    It boosts the immune system and is good for children.
    Can prevent symptoms of nausea or indigestion.
    Makes cakes and confectionaries a healthier option for people fighting with obesity.

The detailed difference between sugar and jaggery

But before you straight away start to use jaggery for your baking, it is essential to know that there can be slight differences. If you are used to using white sugar or sweetener, you might find the output of your baking a little different than what you used to get before. The first slight difference that you will notice is the texture. Some of the jaggery types tend to be comparatively stickier when they are heated up. Unlike sugar, after heating or baking, jaggery will give out a fantastic nutty and earthy flavor to your tongue. This is because it is a much more natural product than sugar. If you are choosing a good quality jaggery pack, consider you are just on the right page! Jaggery often differs in terms of textures, hardness or softness, sources, density, colour, quality, and price. The better the brand, the better will be your baking purposes. You can go ahead and check out to find the best quality and a variety of jaggery for your baking purposes. They are known for delivering high-quality, well-processed, and affordable jaggery to bring taste, health, and ease of use to your baking.

Smart tips for using jaggery in baking!

Jaggery can be used efficiently for baking fruit cakes, plum cakes, or chocolate cakes, whatever you want. But if you are using jaggery for the first time, here are some pointers for you to keep in mind!  When baking, it is wise to use jaggery powder. This shall smoothen out the process for you. As old already, jaggery comes in chunks and pieces, keeping lumps in the baking mix.  If you have jaggery chunks in your kitchen, make sure to crush the pieces evenly to come up with a lump-free paste for your baking mix.  You can also blend the jaggery powder with liquid mixes of your preferences. You can use liquids like oil, yogurt, and milk in your grinder. If you are using milk, heating it a little bit will make the jaggery blend effortlessly in seconds. Anyway, jaggery takes less time to dissolve compared to sugar. So, stop hesitating and start switching to a healthier option now to make your baked goodies healthy for one and all!

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