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What does jaggery bring to your table

What does jaggery bring to your table

Before digging deep into goodness of Jaggery, it’s important to understand what White Sugar brings to your table. To be very frank, it brings nothing but calories to your food plate. Not to mention the chemicals used to refine the sugar are also present in white Sugar. Simply said, Sugar does more harm to the body than just making you fat. Now, coming to the point of this blog, what does Jaggery bring to your food plate? Jaggery is much more than just sugar! The reason why Jaggery is more nutritious than white sugar lies in the way it is manufactured. Unlike sugar, no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of Jaggery, hence it is relatively safe to eat than White Sugar. Also, all the nutrients of the Sugarcane are kept intact the way Jaggery is made at Bebe Foods.

But what actually makes Jaggery so good for health? Iron

Iron is vital for the functioning of the Human body. It is so because it combines with a protein called haemoglobin and delivers oxygen to the body’s cells and tissues. Apart from oxygen carrying property, Iron helps in the normal functioning of the brain as well as build muscle strength. Lack of Iron in the body can lead to tiredness, poor concentration, and memory-related problems. In worst cases, Iron deficiency can cause spoon shaped fingernails, soreness of the corners of the mouth and tongue, and restless legs syndrome.


Potassium is so important for the body that it facilitates contraction in muscles and aids in proper nerves functioning. It’s also known to help in regularizing heartbeat rate by countering sodium’s harmful effects on blood pressure and move waste products out of the cell. Potassium deficiency can lead to weakness, abnormal muscle cramps and spasms, bloated stomach, constipation, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, mood swings, etc.


The human body needs Magnesium to stay healthy as it helps in regulating muscle and nerve functioning, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and manufacturing of bones, DNA and proteins. Magnesium deficiency is directly related to loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, figure, muscle cramps, seizures, etc.


Now, Zinc is directly related to the Immune system of the body. This nutrient is so crucial that it helps in making proteins and DNA. It’s also known to aid in wound healing and proper sense of taste and smell. Zinc deficiency is associated with slow growth in infants, delayed sexual development in adults, impotence in men, hair loss, diarrhoea, skin sores, ability to taste the food, lower alertness level, unintentional weight loss, etc.


It is an essential mineral for the body to maintain strong bones and teeth. Apart from strengthening our skeleton, Calcium is needed for normal functioning of the muscles and nerves. It is also known to effectively help in releasing hormones and enzymes in the body. Insufficient consumption of Calcium may lead to osteoporosis (low bone density), numbness and tingling in the fingers, convulsions, abnormal heart beating, etc. Now, you know the importance of nutrients for the human body and what does Jaggery bring to your table. It’s true that Jaggery alone can’t fulfil the body’s daily need of these minerals, but it can add a lot to your daily nutrient needs. If white sugar is in your daily intake, then it’s high time that you replace it by Jaggery. A unique caramel-like taste and numerous health benefits associated with jaggery make it a fantastic alternative of refined sugar. Bebe Foods specializes in manufacturing close to nature Jaggery products. Be it our Ayurvedic herbs containing Immunity Booster Jaggery or regular Jaggery, our products are an absolute delight to your taste buds and health. You can also check out our powdered jaggery, cardamom jaggery, fennel jaggery and celery Jaggery as per your liking and get your favourite ones delivered right to your doorstep via our online sales partners such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm.

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