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Future of refined white sugar in india

Future of refined white sugar in india

In any form, sugar is a simple carbohydrate that your body converts into glucose to use it for energy, however, its effect on your overall health condition depends on the kind of sugar you are eating, whether refined or natural. In the last decade, sugar and its detrimental health effects have come under intense scrutiny worldwide, and India is no exception. Refined sugar and its role in inducing various health conditions have come under the glare even more. So, what exactly is refined sugar, and what makes it a bad choice? What does the future hold for refined sugar in the country? Read on to find the answers to all these questions.

Refined vs. natural sugar: understanding the difference

Refined sugar comes from sugar beets or sugar cane, which get processed for extracting the sugar. It is usually found as a combination of fructose and glucose and is commonly used to sweeten cereals, coffee, cookies, and cakes. The food manufacturers typically use chemically produced sugar, which is high-fructose corn syrup for beverages and foods. On the other hand, natural sugars are those that are found in dairy products like cheese and milk as lactose and in fruits as fructose. Another excellent example of natural sugar is Jaggery made from sugarcane, which is a healthy replacement for sugar that has been in use in the Indian subcontinent for centuries.

The future scenario for refined Sugar in India

India has always been a top producer of refined sugar in the world. However, several factors have made the country reach a new threshold where sugar production is way above the country’s consumption rate. This scenario has been continuing for the past couple of years, which means the country will retain its role as a major exporter for a long time. One of the main reasons for this glut in the sugar market is the changing consumption patterns of the country’s consumers. The modern, health-conscious Indians are cutting down on their sugar consumption. Per-capita sugar consumption in India went down from around 20.5 kg in 2015 to 18.5 kg in 2018, and the rates are steadily going down each year. Besides, the dwindling numbers are not too surprising because India also happens to be the diabetes capital. There are nearly 6.2 crore type-2 diabetes patients in this country. Thus, people are naturally searching for better alternatives to sugar, such as Jaggery. Interestingly, India is also the largest producer of the unrefined sugar called Jaggery, whose high nutritional and medicinal value has led to an increase in its consumption across the country.

The adverse impact of refined sugar on health

factors make refined sugar an option that’s best avoided for your long-term health and fitness. Here are the reasons why modern India is staying away from refined sugar

Refined sugars are part of heavily processed food.

Refined sugars are nothing but empty calories as they have no fibre, fat, protein, minerals, vitamins, or any other beneficial compounds. It is usually added to beverages and foods to improve their taste, which is why it’s a part of all fast food and fizzy drinks.

The metabolism rate for the refined sugars in the body

Refined sugar is broken down rapidly by the body, which causes blood sugar levels and insulin to shoot up. Besides, this quick digestion also brings a bloated feeling to your body.

Increases the chances of obesity among children and adults

Increased consumption of refined sugar is also related to an increase in obesity rates among children and adults. Obesity, on the other hand, is the root cause of several health conditions, such as high blood pressure and even cancers. Certainly, the future of sugar is not very bright in India and it’s actually good for the well-being of society. Time has come to get over the evil sweetness of refined white sugar and embrace healthier sweeteners. Clueless about what should be your regular sweetener now? Your decision of saying goodbye to refined sugar and embracing the natural goodness of sugarcane Jaggery will prove its worth in the later years of your life. Whether you want some powdered Jaggery to add to your morning tea or solid jaggery to accompany your meals, Bebe Foods has all the products you need for your everyday diet. Why stick to refined sugar anymore when you can switch to the wholesome goodness of Jaggery by Bebe Foods?

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