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Why eating the right food is as important as exercising-daily

Why eating the right food is as important as exercising-daily

“I exercise regularly, so I can eat anything I like.” “I am on a healthy diet, so I can ditch my exercise routine.” The ideas like this are to be blamed for unhealthy habits and increased risk of health issues related to bones and muscles. There is a general notion that if you are rigorous about your exercise routine, you can eat everything you want without affecting your fitness. It’s a fact that society is no longer as active as it was once upon a time, and daily exercise has to be a crucial part of everyone’s schedule. But, tucking into greasy fast food every day after all the jogging and crunches can
make the benefits of exercising go straight down the drain. Thus, for optimum fitness levels, eating the right food is as crucial as exercising. With that being said, here’s outlining how eating the right food impacts your health.

The importance of nutrition for fitness

Having a well-balanced diet is the key to getting all the nutrients and calories you require to fuel daily activities, including regular exercise. In terms of eating things that can fuel your performance during exercise, it is not as simple as veggies over doughnuts. The crucial factor is to eat the right kind of food as per the time of the day. Understanding the significance of meal plans, workout snacks, and healthy breakfast is needed to get the energy that fuels you through the day and aids your daily workout sessions.

Food as the natural source of medicine

Nutrient-rich foods, also known as superfoods, include fats, carbohydrates, and lean proteins that are crucial to your health. Superfoods, such as berries, leafy veggies, nuts, yogurt, tomatoes, and legumes, are rich sources of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins relative to how many calories they have. Antioxidants are known to combat inflammation in the body, thereby helping it fight illness and diseases. Moreover, powerful antioxidants can even help protect the cells from damages done by free radicals. Furthermore, some superfoods have compounds to increase the metabolism rate for more effective fat burning. For instance, red peppers have a molecule known as capsaicin that can enhance the rate of burning body fat. Discussing superfoods remain incomplete without a mention of the Superfood sweetener – Jaggery. There are numerous health benefits of Jaggery as it is full of essential minerals and vital nutrients, whereas refined sugar has nothing but calories. Instead of adding a spoonful of sugar to your glass of milk, just add powdered Jaggery by Bebe Foods, and set out to exercise. You can also make your evening tea healthy by adding a bit of Immunity Booster Jaggery by Bebe Foods to give a boost to your immune system. Isn’t it a fantastic food to combat pandemic effectively? Worry no more about catching regular cough and cold easily now! With Bebe Foods products’ deliciousness, you are never to miss adding sugar to your tea, salads, or juices. Place your order for the Bebe products through Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, or Milk Basket, and embrace the goodness of healthy Jaggery in your daily meal.

Off to a great start with the first meal of the day

The first meal of the day you have is the most crucial one for more reasons than one. Having a wholesome breakfast lowers the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. Also, beginning the day with a nice and healthy breakfast can aid in replenishing the blood sugar levels, which the body needs for powering your brain and muscles. It is even more critical to have a hearty breakfast on the days when you plan to exercise. Skipping on the first meal of the day can make you feel lethargic or lightheaded while working out. As mentioned earlier, the kind of food that you eat is highly essential for your health. Many people tend to rely on simple carbs like doughnuts or white bagel to start the day, neither filing for a long time nor healthy. To keep the tempo high during your workout, you need a protein and fiber-rich breakfast that gives you the energy you need. So, whole grain cereals or bread, milk, and yoghurt are great choices for breakfast.

The bottom line

When fitness is the aim, the key is to strike the perfect balance between exercising and eating right. In fact, the right balance of essential nutrients will not only help your daily exercise routine but also bring you the gift of good health and improved immunity. So, let’s pledge to adopt a healthier lifestyle from today, where you take care of your health through a combination of healthy food choices and regular workouts. Including Jaggery in your daily diet can do wonders to your health.

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