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Shakkar Pare – Recipe

Shakkar Pare – Recipe

It is pretty hard to find people who are dearly into Crunchy Sweets, but that doesn’t mean they should be neglected. We have always believed in inclusiveness and that’s going to reflect in our today’s recipe. The festival of colours is near and our kitchen experts suggested that this time recipe should be around Holi. After a long hour discussion, we finally agreed on Shakkar Pare – something that rules the hearts and tongues of every Indian. But, sweet & crunchy at the same time? Yes, it will be sweet & crunchy but less sugary at the same time (let’s keep calories in check). We want to warn you to not prepare this sweet in abundance else you won’t be able to stop yourself from having it all and ultimately lose on your healthy lifestyle. Here’s how you can prepare this lip smacking snack for your family & friends this festival:

    1 cup Milk
    1 cup powdered Jaggery
    1 cup Ghee
    4 cups Maida
    1/4 tablespoon Salt
    1/3 tablespoon Cardamom powder


    Take milk and powdered Jaggery in a sauce pot and stir it until the Jaggery powder melts on low flame. Add 1 cup of ghee to the molten Jaggery. Mix the mixture well. Take Maida (all-purpose flour) and salt in a large bowl and add cardamom powder to it. Gradually add the entire quantity of the milk-Jaggery ghee mix and knead it well.
    Knead the mixture into a slightly stiff dough and cover it with a wet cloth. Set it aside for 1 hour.
    Now, knead it again. Divide the dough into 2 portions and roll each of them using a rolling board and rolling pin. Now, roll it slightly thick with a uniform thickness. Cut it into square pieces and deep fry the chunks in hot oil on low flame.
    Fry until it is crispy and golden brown.

Your crispy Shakkar Para are ready to be served! However, do you know the taste depends greatly on the Jaggery used? Well, it is always advisable to go for quality Jaggery so that you do not lose on the best tasting sweets this festive season and impress your guests with your exemplary culinary skills. If finding good quality Jaggery is a task for you, then simply go online and order quality Jaggery products by Bebe Foods.]]> 3477 0 0 0 Sun, 14 Mar 2021 15:18:07 +0000 Here we have another Holi special Sweet recipe for you. Treat the taste buds of your guests with delectable Malpua – an interesting sweet from the royal state of Rajasthan. This sweet is actually a healthy dessert than other sweets and hence becomes a fair option when it comes to cutting calories. We recommend using whole wheat flour, little ghee and avoid sugar (use Jaggery) and deep-frying.

    ¾ cup Hot Water
    ½ cup Jaggery
    1 cup whole wheat flour
    ½ tsp fennel seeds
    ½ tsp cardamom powder
    ¾ fruit salt
    6 ½ cup of ghee
    Pistachio slivers for garnishing


    Heat ¾ cup of warm in a non-stick pan. Add Jaggery to it, mix well and cook on a medium flame till jaggery melts completely.
    Transfer the mixture from the pan to a bowl and let it cool down.
    Add the Fennel seeds and whole wheat flour to the mixture and mix well so that there are no lumps left.
    Mix Cardamom powder, fruit salt and 2 tsp of water together.
    Heat the non-stick pan and grease using little ghee.
    Now, pour some batter on the pan and spread it evenly in a circle (3” recommended).
    Cook it with a small amount of ghee till it turns golden brown in color from both sides.
    Repeat the same process for the rest of the batter.
    Serve fresh with Pistachio slivers & cardamom powder.

Important Tips:

    Always heat the water before adding the Jaggery.
    Finely chop the Jaggery instead of using a Powdered form of it.
    The batter prepared should be Lump free.
    Add Fruit Salt to the batter only when you are ready to prepare the Malpua.
    Serve fresh for best taste.

We recommend using Jaggery here instead of Sugar because Jaggery has a very rich taste of its own and lingers in the palate for a while. The Wheat Flour Malpuas are delicious, and it gets only better with an exciting flavour of Fennel. To give this dessert a version of yours, you can use different flavours of Bebe Jaggery. If Bebe jaggery is not available at your nearest retail store, then you directly order it via Bebe’s Online Sale partners like Amazon, Flipkart and BigBasket.

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