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Why is Jaggery powder a preferred sweetener option today?

Why is Jaggery powder a preferred sweetener option today?

The benefits of Jaggery, often known as ‘Gur’ in India, have been treasured by one and all from the beginning of Sugarcane farming. It is a natural and healthy alternative to sugar or any synthetic sweetener. Gur is extracted from sugarcane or the sap of coconut or palm. It can be considered a form of unrefined sugar that melts in your mouth, setting off your taste buds into a nutty, sweet, earthy tang. Its mesmerizing flavor is often compared to a blend of honey, caramel, and brown sugar. But what makes it more special is its buttery and cream-powder-like texture! Today, Jaggery is used in a wide range of cuisines and refreshing beverages to bring out its authentic flavors. From shakes, desserts, milk, palm wine to alcoholic drinks, Gur is used in several recipes. But with the upsurge in the percentage of diabetic patients, ‘Gur’ has gained a whole new prominence in today’s time. It is being used widely as an alternate sweetener option in place of sugar. On that note, major brands and manufacturers of Jaggery have come up with a more fantastic choice for Gur lovers, which is Jaggery powder! Buyers are trying out this form of Jaggery widely, and its popularity is only on the rise! Here is why!
Easily soluble

The foremost reason why Gur powder is favored by many today is because of its dissolving capacity. This is the best option if you are looking forward to using a sweetener for cold beverages. Blocks go well with recipes or any cuisines that you are using heat for cooking as the heat gives the Jaggery blocks the perfect condition to melt or breakdown and dissolve. But for quick flavor enhancement or refreshment drinks and desserts, the powder shall work just perfectly!
It is available in all flavors

Just like Gur, the powder form is available in all flavors. You do not have to limit your choices. There is Gur powder available from palm, coconut as well as sugarcane. You can pick any flavor that you need and use it in your favorite recipe!
Easy to store

Another notable reason why the powder form of Gur is popularly chosen is it is straightforward to store. It is the crushed form of Jaggery and can be stored in smaller packages or containers of any shape. They have a flexible texture that allows you to keep them in an air-tight container or even a zip-lock for a moderately long time.
Jaggery powder can stay equilibrated in less moisture

Gur powder can remain equilibrated even in dry environments or high temperatures. You do not have to struggle with sticky or meshed-up chunks when you use powder. They have a smooth, fine, and lightweight texture with a unique natural fragrance.
Just as rich in nutrients as Jaggery blocks

It offers you all other health-benefits just like Jaggery. It is rich in iron, calcium, and mineral phosphorous. As it is extracted directly from natural sources and is not bleached and refined, the mineral content is the same! It is also quite rich n carbohydrates, which is one of the body’s significant needs for producing energy. Also, researchers say that organic Gur powders hold a more complex form of carbohydrate. This helps the body retain the released energy for a much longer time.
It can be used in several recipes

Gur power can be used just as Gur blocks in any recipe you want! Whether you use them in proper meals, desserts, confectionaries, drinks, or just as flavor enhancers, there is no confinement! If you buy the good quality Jaggery powder, just a few pinches can give a strong and authentic flavor and fragrance to your dish! Buying quality Gur powder is not a problem now. You can explore to get your hands on excellent quality Jaggery blocks and powder. We offer you both high-quality Jaggery combo-packs and sachets. You can get a hundred percent Chemical free Jaggery products here that too in highly affordable ranges. The Bebe Foods’ Jaggery comes with the best quality, taste and health benefits.

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