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Benefits of Eating Sesame Seeds with Jaggery

Sesame and jaggery have a special place in ancient Ayurveda and Indian cuisine. Both these natural gifts are beneficial for our health in many ways. Both are rich in nutrients and help prevent various diseases.

Sesame seeds are small, white, black, and red in color, and are rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and other important minerals. Sesame seeds are not only used to add taste to food, but they are also extremely beneficial for our skin and hair. Sesame oil is used in Ayurvedic treatments, which provides relief from skin problems and joint pain.

Jaggery, also known as 'sweet gold', is prepared from pure sugarcane juice or dates. It is a healthy alternative to sugar and is a storehouse of iron, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins. Jaggery not only makes food delicious, but it also helps in detoxifying our body. It improves digestion, purifies blood, and increases energy levels.

The mixture of sesame and jaggery is considered highly beneficial especially in the winter season. In Indian culture, there is a tradition of making sesame-jaggery laddus and tilkut on the festival of Makar Sankranti. This combination keeps the body warm and protects against cold and cough. Consumption of sesame and jaggery protects us from many types of diseases and improves our overall health.

Benefits of Sesame Seeds

  1. Treasure of Nutrition: Sesame seeds are rich in protein, fiber, vitamin B, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc. These elements are helpful in strengthening bones, caring for teeth and balancing metabolism.
  1. Heart Health: Polyunsaturated fatty acids and lignans found in sesame keep the heart healthy. These elements help in reducing bad cholesterol and keep blood pressure under control.
  1. Beneficial for skin and hair: Sesame oil moisturizes the skin and strengthens the hair. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which keep the skin healthy and young.
  1. Improves digestion: Sesame seeds are high in fiber, which keeps the digestive system healthy and relieves problems like constipation.
  1. Helps in weight loss: The healthy fats and proteins found in sesame seeds are helpful in weight loss. These elements control appetite and prevent overeating.

Benefits of Jaggery

  1. Purification and detoxification: Jaggery helps in purifying the blood and detoxes the liver. It removes toxins from the body and improves overall health.
  1. Improves digestion: Consumption of jaggery strengthens the digestive system and provides relief from problems like gas, constipation, and acidity. It activates digestive enzymes and helps in digesting food better.
  1. Source of Iron: Jaggery contains a lot of iron, which is helpful in overcoming problems like anemia and blood deficiency. It is especially beneficial for women, who suffer from iron deficiency during menstruation.
  1. Energy Booster: Jaggery provides instant energy. The carbohydrates found in it are digested quickly and the body gets instant energy, which removes fatigue and weakness.
  1. Improves Immunity: Jaggery contains antioxidants and minerals, which strengthen the body's immune system and protect against various types of diseases.

Combination of Sesame and Jaggery: Benefits and Uses

  1. Special dishes of Sankranti: Laddus and tilkut made from sesame and jaggery are especially popular on Makar Sankranti. These are not only delicious, but also help in keeping the body warm in winter.
  1. Energy Bars and Snacks: The combination of sesame and jaggery is useful in making energy bars and healthy snacks. These are without any artificial ingredients and provide the body with essential nutrients.
  1. Ayurvedic Treatment: Sesame and jaggery are also used in Ayurvedic treatments. This combination is beneficial in various diseases like joint pain, skin diseases, and digestive problems.
  1. Religious and Cultural Significance: Sesame and jaggery also have religious and cultural significance. In Indian traditions, sesame and jaggery are especially used in worship and festivals.


Sesame and jaggery hold an important place in our daily lives. They not only make our food delicious, but also make our health better. Sesame is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which are beneficial for everything from bones to skin. On the other hand, jaggery detoxes the body, improves digestion, and provides instant energy.

The combination of sesame and jaggery is especially beneficial in winters, when we need more nutrition and warmth. On festivals like Makar Sankranti, it is part of our tradition to make sesame and jaggery laddoos and tilkuts, which are not only tasty but also healthy.

Regular consumption of both these natural gifts protects us from many diseases and improves our immunity.

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