Ans. Jaggery is an unrefined healthy sweetener made from sugarcane juice. After boiling the sugarcane juice the concentrated juice is not subjected to centrifugal force thus contains nutritious molasses.

Ans. Bebe jaggery is made from the best & fresh cane grown in Doaba region of Western UP -Ideal and world famous for jaggery.Bebe jaggery is made traditionally and hygienically refined with natural cleansers.

Ans. Jaggery is a wholesome, nutritious and natural sweetener with medicinal values whereas white sugar is pure carbohydrates -almost a deadly metabolic poison detrimental to health.

Ans. Jaggery has complex sugar unlike sugar and gives energy for longer period.It has vitamins,minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, ribofavine, Thiamine.

Ans. Jaggery can substitute sugar in Tea,Coffee,Milk or any other beverage.
It can be had as a mouth sweetener /refreshner post meals.
It helps in fighing pollution and one can have while travelling in traffic.
There are lot many recipes to make from jaggery.

Ans. Bebe jaggery comes in 13 different variants starting from Fennel/Cardamom,Celery /Dryginger/Seasame etc .Pls note we do not use essense of flavours and no reheating of already made jaggery happens unlike others. It can be had post or pre workputs or any time you fell less energetic or hungry.

Ans. The shelf life of jaggery is 9 months and it depends on how it is being stored & used.

Ans.Keep the jaggery in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Important Note - Please add jaggery in Tea/Coffee/Milk just prior to serving.